Abu Hasnat Md. Yeahea

Managing Director
Saic Nursing College

In the socio-economic context of Bangladesh, there is no alternative to creating health support manpower to deliver health services at the grassroots level. One of the needs of the people towards the state is health care. Ensuring health care is very important to make the country poverty free. That is why the government has formulated a national health policy aimed at establishing medical rights as a right for people from all walks of life in the light of the constitution and international charters. Although the government has set up a large number of community clinics, union health family welfare centers and upazila health complexes at the upazila and union level besides hospitals to bring health services to the people, the government has not been able to meet its target due to lack of adequate quality manpower. Therefore, in order to improve the health sector, it is necessary to have a far-reaching plan for doctors as well as health allied courses. Through which a group of quality health care workers will be created in the health service. SAIC Nursing College has been working relentlessly since its inception to achieve that goal. We have our own 10 storey building and digital campus of all modern and international standards. Where theory and practical classes as well as various meetings, seminars, conference are kept up to date about the health care of the students.

Shohaly Easmin

Saic Nursing College

Healthcare is a recognized human right and it is universally recognized as an important indicator of human resource development. Out of the 16 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 179 targets of the Bangladesh Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the number three important issue is healthcare with the highest priority being 2030. In order to bring this health service to the people, there is a need for health workers as well as doctors. Such as nurses, technologists and assistant doctors in various fields. It is undeniable that they are needed to ensure quality health care. Realizing this need, SAIC Nursing College started its journey. Over time, our graduates are now employed in reputed hospitals and clinics in Bangladesh. At present we have set up international standard labs on our own campus to ensure quality education of these courses. There is a large teacher panel with full time MBBS teachers. SAIC students are given internships in addition to practical classes directly in government hospitals. In addition to empowering students academically, 100% employment is ensured through its own ‘Job Placement Cell’. For all these reasons, SAIC Nursing College has a distinctive feature from any other traditional institution.
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