About Us

Nursing Colleges of Saic Group are pioneers in the nursing education sector in Bangladesh, with a strong commitment to creating highly skilled health professionals and improving the quality of life for individuals, facilities, and communities. The first Nursing College of Saic Group, Saic Nursing College, was established in Dhaka in 2015. Subsequently, the group expanded its reach by establishing five additional Nursing Colleges in different districts to prioritize remote and underprivileged areas: Rumdo Nursing College (Mymensingh), Jashim Uddin Nursing College (Jamalpur), Anowara Nursing College (Dinajpur), Dalia Nursing College (Bogura), and Monowara Nursing College (Thakurgaon).
All Nursing Colleges under Saic Group are accredited by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and affiliated with renowned institutions like Dhaka University and Rajshahi Medical University. They are also registered under the Bangladesh Nursing and Midwifery Council (BNMC), ensuring compliance with national standards and regulations.
The Nursing Colleges boast a dedicated team of approximately 205 academic and administrative staff. The academic staff are well-trained, expert, and highly skilled in their profession, ensuring the delivery of quality education and training.
To provide hands-on experience, the Nursing Colleges collaborate with ten partner hospitals for clinical practice and professional development of students. These partnerships facilitate regular capacity improvement initiatives aligned with technological advancements and community needs.
Saic Group emphasizes continuous professional development for both students and academic staff. They organize various healthcare seminars, workshops, and research activities to address emerging issues in nursing science and enhance professionalism within the nursing community.
The curriculum at Saic Nursing Colleges integrates coursework in communication skills, social, biological, and physical sciences relevant to nursing, along with technical nursing skills. There’s a strong emphasis on practical training complementing theoretical knowledge, ensuring graduates are well-prepared for real-world healthcare settings.
Looking ahead, the Nursing Colleges aim to promote students in the international job market by fostering partnerships with foreign universities. This collaboration seeks to provide sustainable benefits to students through exposure to global perspectives and opportunities.
Saic Nursing Colleges prioritize the development of professionalism among students. They encourage the demonstration of nursing processes in both theoretical and practical settings, emphasizing competence, safety, comfort, and respect for patients and healthcare team members.
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