Chairman of Saic Nursing College

Shohaly Easmin


Message of Chairperson

Healthcare is a recognized human right and it is universally recognized as an important indicator of human resource development. Out of the 16 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 189 targets of Bangladesh, the number three important issue, health care has been given the highest priority with a deadline of 2030.

In order to bring this health service to the people, there is a need for doctors as well as health workers. Such as nurses, technologists and assistant doctors in various fields. It is undeniable that they are needed to ensure quality health care. Realizing this need, SAIC Nursing College started its journey.

Over time, our graduates are now employed in reputed hospitals and clinics in Bangladesh. At present we have set up international standard labs on our own campus to ensure quality education of these courses. There is a large teacher panel with full time MBBS teachers.

Psych students are given internships in addition to practical classes directly in government hospitals. Apart from empowering the students academically, 100% employment is ensured through its own ‘Job Placement Cell’. For all these reasons, SAIC Nursing College has a distinctive feature from any other traditional institution.

(Shohaly Easmin)
SAIC Nursing College.

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