Community Paramedic

The Government of Bangladesh has taken initiative to formulate Community Paramedic Basic Curriculum based on the policy formulated for Community Paramedics. As part of this initiative, the National Institute of Population Research and Training under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has officially conducted a long two-year community paramedic course for the first time.
At present, the Ministry of Health, Department of Health, Directorate general of health services, Government of Bangladesh has been recruiting students who have passed this course for the post of Assistant Nursing Assistant for a long time.

Eligibility for Admission

SSC / Equivalent Pass from any year and group (Minimum GPA-2.50)

Necessary Documents 

  • 4 copies passport size photos,
  • SSC Original Mark sheet,
  • SSC Certificate Photocopy

Where a Community Paramedic Works

A community paramedic works in a community clinic under the Ministry of Health. They work in community clinics temporarily under the District Civil Surgeon’s Office and under the District Family Planning Office. Community paramedics usually work at Union Health Centers, Urban Health Centers, Maternal and Child Welfare Hospitals. Besides, community paramedics also work in the medical centers of NGOs in the villages. Community paramedics are the first level of healthcare that people in remote places receive who aren’t necessarily accessible to hospitals or other facilities city dwellers can.

Usually a paramedic works in the following positions

  • Assistant Nurse
  • Junior Nurse
  • Junior Midwifery
  • Nurse Attendance
  • Paramedic
  • Community paramedic

What kind of work does a community paramedic do?

  • Community health care providers usually prescribe medicines for common ailments such as colds, fevers and diarrhea.
  • If the patient’s condition is serious, he is sent to the Upazila Health Complex or District Sadar Hospital. Many community clinics are arranging for the normal delivery of newborns and female community health care providers are being trained on it.
  • Vaccination, family planning, birth control, mother and child.
  • Community paramedics provide various health advice and services.
  • The community provides paramedics and health assistants, as well as first aid in case of cuts or tears.